05 Oct 2021

Australia’s most significant and largest green hydrogen power station

Australian Industrial Power (AIP) welcomes the announcement by Minister Taylor but clarifies immediately that it is building a green hydrogen power station, that can deliver flexible dispatchable power to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

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Aerial image of the future Port Kembla Energy Hub. Photo Credit: GHD.

Squadron Energy (the owner of AIP) is the largest developer of green energy in Australia through Windlab and Sun Cable. Fortescue Future Industries aims to be the largest developer of green hydrogen.

As soon as that green hydrogen is available, which we are on schedule to achieve by 2024-2025, the power station, currently licensed for dual fuel, will commence use of green hydrogen.

The power station will be designed to take 50 per cent green hydrogen from day one and one hundred per cent green hydrogen by 2030.

Green hydrogen is the only form of zero carbon energy. Every other type of hydrogen is made from carbon emitting fossil fuels.

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