Written by Squadron Energy |

Australia’s electricity needs and decarbonisation targets are best met by variable renewable generation backed up by batteries, hydro and responsive gas.

That is the resounding message from AEMO’s Draft 2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP) – one that Squadron Energy fully endorses.

The most recent phase of extensive industry consultation to update AEMO’s strategy for moving away from aging coal plants affirms that renewable generation is the most cost-effective source of electricity, even with higher transmission costs.

The draft 2024 ISP also anticipates that coal fired plants will retire sooner than anticipated. Timeliness in the delivery of renewables, dispatchable generation and storage is crucial.

That’s why Squadron Energy is committed to delivering one-third of the Australian Government’s target of 82% renewables by 2030.

Our Bango Wind Farm started operating earlier this year, providing enough electricity to power more than 144,000 homes. We also exhibited plans for Spicers Creek Wind Farm and Dubbo Firming Power Station in the NSW Central West Orana region.

Meanwhile, construction continues on Australia’s first gas import terminal – Port Kembla Energy Terminal – as well as Clarke Creek Wind Farm in Queensland.

This mix of renewable energy, backed up by batteries and dispatchable gas sourced without new gas fields, is the right balance to deliver reliable, affordable and clean energy for Australia.

We look forward to continuing to deliver on our 20GW project pipeline into next year and supporting the roadmap for Australia’s energy transition.


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