Gol Gol Solar Farm, New South Wales

The proposed Gol Gol Solar Farm is located 10km north of Buronga, within the South West Renewable Energy Zone. The solar project will comprise of solar panels and ancillary infrastructure. This project will be developed in parallel with Gol Gol Wind Farm and Gol Gol Battery.

Key Project Info


Preparing Scoping Report

Local Government Area

Wentworth Shire Council

Project Timeline

Step 1/12

Project identification and site selection

Identification and site selection is based on an analysis of opportunities and constraints including (but not limited to): distance to the electricity grid, solar resource and land characteristics. Our team then carries out site visits and consultation with landowners in the area.

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Projeect Feasibility2

Step 2/12

Project feasibility and community engagement

Site-specific investigations assess the impacts and opportunities of the project and feedback is sought from the local community.

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Step 3/12

Development approval

Development application documentation is prepared which involves a wide range of studies to address stakeholder feedback received to date and to consider the potential environmental and social impacts of the project. Depending on the jurisdiction, this may include a public exhibition and submissions process.

Current Stage
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Step 4/12

Assessment and development consent

The project documents are assessed by the relevant government authorities. If determined, development approval is granted alongside a range of conditions specific to the project.

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Step 5/12

Post approval, contracting and financing

A lead contractor(s) to build the project is appointed and all pre-construction approvals and consents are finalised. During this phase, the lead contractor(s) is provided with a list of local businesses that have registered their interest and capabilities through the project website.

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Step 6/12


During this phase our lead contractor(s) seek tenders and engage contractors and suppliers to undertake the scope of the works. Orders are then placed for major components such as the solar panels, mounting system and inverters.

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Step 7/12

Early works and design

Initial site activities start, such as minor clearing and provision of access roads along with establishing a site construction compound. Off-site detailed design works starts in parallel.

Current Stage
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Step 8/12

Major civil works

During this phase of the construction the bulk of the civil works takes place. This includes the construction of new internal access roads, excavation and earthworks (if necessary), installation of the internal electrical reticulation system, construction of the high voltage substation and main transmission line network.

Current Stage
Step 9

Step 9/12

Solar equipment installation

This is where the visual aspect of the solar farm starts to appear, with pile driving machines installing the piers and mounting bars onto which the solar panels are then fixed.

Current Stage
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Step 10/12


In order to export power to the grid, each string of panels and inverters is required to undergo several performance tests.

Current Stage
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Step 11/12


The project operates in accordance with relevant approval conditions and management plans. Compliance with conditions of approval and management plans is monitored as required throughout the life of the project.

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Step 12/12


The design life of the solar panels is at least 30 years. At the end of their useful life, the solar and electrical equipment will be either replaced and the solar farm repowered, or the project will be decommissioned, and the site returned to its original use at the expense of the project.

Current Stage
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South West Renewable Energy Zone

The project site is within the NSW South West Renewable Energy Zone (REZ). A REZ involves the coordinated development of new grid infrastructure in energy rich areas to connect multiple renewable energy generators (such as solar and wind farms) in the same location.

The designation of a REZ is intended to result in the development of additional capacity for renewable electricity generation, producing low-cost power for NSW homeowners and business, driving down carbon emissions within the electricity generation sector, and importantly, driving job growth and employment opportunities through enabling significant investment into the regions.

For more information on the South West REZ, including an indicative location, visit https://www.energyco.nsw.gov.au/sw-rez



The wellbeing of the community is a core component of our work. Our approach to engaging with the local community is both genuine and lasting. We own our projects from development right through to operations. This gives us unrivalled experience through the entire project life and provides us with a deep-founded respect for people, communities and the environment.

Our team work respectfully with the communities in which we work, are sensitive to environmental and cultural values and aims to make a positive contribution to the regions in which we operate.

We welcome your contact and feedback should you have any questions or concerns about the proposed Gol Gol Solar Farm.

Community benefit sharing and sponsorships

We share the benefits of our projects by supporting communities over the long term. We do this through a range of opportunities such as community benefits funds, voluntary planning agreements, community sponsorship and grant initiatives.

We recognise that each community is different, and we aim to tailor benefits at each project and make positive lasting contribution to each region.

Each of our projects has a community sponsorship program, which provides funds or in-kind support to community organisations and events in the local project area.

Key areas for the program include:

  • Education and training initiatives
  • Community development programs
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Environmental initiatives

Applications are open for community sponsorship. Please contact us using the details below for more information about Gol Gol Solar Farm community sponsorship opportunities. Download and complete the Community Sponsorship Application and forward with any relevant documentation to info@squadronenergy.com.

Community Sponsorship Guidelines & Application Form

Alternatively, you can complete and submit the form online via the link below.

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About Squadron Energy

Squadron Energy is Australia’s leading renewable energy company that develops, operates and owns renewable energy assets in Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and have 1.1 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy in operation and 900MW under construction. We are committed to launching 14GW of projects by 2030, powering the equivalent of six million homes.


Project Manager

David Stanke

Email: info@golgolsolarfarm.com.au

Phone: 1800 095 669

Mailing address

PO Box 1708, Newcastle, NSW 2300


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