How we work with you

At Squadron Energy, we see our landowner and neighbour relationships as key.

One of the great benefits of hosting or neighbouring a wind farm is that it provides additional income independent of weather and market conditions. This helps diversify income streams and often “drought-proof” farms.

What we do

The selection of future wind farm locations involves a combination of desktop searches, physical investigations and, fundamentally, landowner interest and community support.

Our development team will guide the project from the first conversations through to the commencement of construction. Prior to construction, members of our Delivery team will begin to overlap activities to ensure consistency of relationships, commitments and to gain a thorough understanding of the land.

During construction, key members of the Delivery team will be onsite to oversee activities and provide a direct point of contact. During operations, a permanent Facility Manager will be located at the project to address all operational matters, including all landowner, neighbour, and community interactions.

avoid, minimise, mitigate

Squadron Energy aims to create projects with as little environmental impact as possible. This begins from the concept stage and continues through to operations and decommissioning.

Possible environmental impacts are identified early on and minimised or avoided where possible. Unavoidable and residual environmental impacts associated with our developments are mitigated using a variety of methods, including environmental offsets.