Unlocking the future of energy for Australia

Squadron Energy is an Australian-owned energy company dedicated to accelerating the decarbonisation of Australia’s economy.

Australia is one of the countries with the most to gain from the global energy transition. Abundant renewable resources, a huge land mass and significant mineral deposits open up the opportunity to become a global clean energy leader and manufacturer. We need to embrace new technologies to rapidly decarbonise our economy so we don’t miss out on the huge opportunities ahead.


Clarke Creek Wind Farm

Squadron Energy is delivering the $3 billion Clarke Creek wind, solar and battery project in Central Queensland.

The new green energy precinct will deliver lower power prices for households and businesses, create regional jobs and boost local economies across the state.



We are a proud investor in Windlab, a global renewable energy development company. Windlab uses a combination of WindScape (CSIRO developed) technology and a highly skilled workforce to design and develop some of the most efficient windfarms in Australia. 


Port Kembla Energy Terminal

Squadron Energy is building an energy terminal in Port Kembla’s Inner Harbour. When completed, the facility will have the capacity to supply more than 70% of NSW’s gas needs.

With a green hydrogen future in mind, Squadron Energy is investigating if the Terminal can be re-purposed for green hydrogen as part of the energy transition, subject to regulatory and third party approvals and consents.


Port Kembla Power Station

With a green hydrogen future in mind, Squadron Energy is investigating Australia’s largest hybrid power station. 

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Our business

We look for innovation and smart thinking applied to mature technologies to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Photovoltaic farm

Our team is experienced and nimble

The Squadron Energy team is nimble and able to access significant funds to act quickly on new investment opportunities across the energy sector.

“We’re focused on the development of energy projects that support more rapid decarbonisation of the economy.”

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