The first blade and tower component successfully delivered to Clarke Creek Wind Farm.

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The first 76m-long wind turbine blade and a 100-tonne tower component have been successfully delivered to Clarke Creek Wind Farm during a trial run of Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) loads from Gladstone Port to the project site, near Marlborough.

The loads travelled the 300 kilometres at night, driven by specialist haulage operators and were accompanied by a Queensland Police Service escort.

Did you know? The largest piece of kit will be moved to Clarke Creek using five trucks working in tandem, these trucks assist with braking or towing on steeper hills.
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The trial results are now being reviewed and approved by Government and we will shortly confirm the schedule for OSOM movements to Clarke Creek Wind Farm.

Current approved plans will see transportation completed overnight with police escorts, running up to six nights per week between 22:30 and 07:00, with later starts on Saturday evenings, as per our approvals. The delivery program is due to start in May 2023 and will run for approximately 15 months.

The equipment travels on the following routes:

  • Gladstone Port Access Road Gladstone
  • Mt Larcom Road (including Hanson Road)
  • Dawson Highway (Gladstone–Calliope)
  • Bruce Highway (Calliope–Rockhampton–Marlborough)
  • Marlborough–Sarina Road
  • various local government roads in the Gladstone area.

Up to date information about transport movements for residents and visitors can be accessed by:

Clarke Creek Wind Farm Stage 1 is a renewable energy project currently under construction, 50km west of Marlborough QLD. It will see 100 wind turbines producing 450MW of green energy.

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