Squadron Energy has listened to landholders who live in and around our project sites. Landholders have told us that having access to a reliable internet service will create opportunities and simplify their day.

Benefits of this service, which we are calling Squadron Link, will include:

  • access to telehealth
  • activating 'from home' businesses
  • Agricultural Technology (Agtech)
  • television service improvement
  • in-paddock and at-home phone service improvement
  • work from home capability
  • online education.

Once the network is fully deployed, the cost to end users will be subsidised by Squadron Energy, leading to a fully supported network at an anticipated cost of $40 per month. We will provide the service free of charge for the first two years while we set up the network.

View more in the latest fact sheet.

If you are in or around the coverage area shown, please register your interest.

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The service will cover the following areas:

  • Apsley
  • Bodangora
  • Dripstone
  • Goolma
  • Montefiores
  • Mumbil
  • Spicers Creek
  • Twelve Mile
  • Wellington
  • Wuuluman
  • Yarrabin
  • Yarragal

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Squadron Link testimonial: Kim Whale, Cattle farmer from Gollan NSW

Farmers Chris and Kim Whale took part in Squadron Link’s trial in Wellington, NSW in 2023. The Squadron Link connection enabled Chris and Kim to make significant ag-tech upgrades to their property including new measures to enhance safety and productivity:

“There are apps we can use now that allow us to weigh cattle in the paddock so that we know when they are ready for processing.”

“I get a warning on my phone when the water tanks are empty and I know to turn the pumps on because the cattle are thirsty and I have a leak.”

“There is also a safety aspect of having a mobile phone connection because people are often getting flat tires on the dirt road and need to call for help.”

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Agricultural technology

The network will incorporate a low power, long range data service alongside the wireless internet service to facilitate communication between on-farm devices and the internet. This will allow landholders to monitor key equipment on their land remotely. We anticipate landholders may be interested in farming applications such as:

• Tank level sensor
• Trough level sensor
• Pump remote control
• Pressure/flow sensor
• Remote camera
• Weather stations
• Vehicle Wi-Fi meshing

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