Thank you for considering Squadron Energy as a sponsor.

All sponsorship requests should be submitted using the Sponsorship Application Form.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before completing your application.

Squadron Energy will consider each community sponsorship proposal, however decisions are discretionary and sponsorships are limited.

Sometimes proposals which have great merit are not always able to be accommodated. It should be noted that sponsorship requests matching Squadron Energy criteria for selection may still be declined due to existing activities of a similar nature or other constraints.

Key sponsorship considerations

Some of the key selection issues and criteria to consider when completing your application include:

  • Where is the event, activity or initiative located in relation to Squadron Energy's project(s)?
  • Will this event/relationship provide benefits to the broad community or to specific individuals?
  • What other organisations support or have supported this sponsorship?
  • How would your event/organisation benefit from Squadron Energy involvement?
  • How can Squadron Energy use the opportunity to achieve its objectives?
  • How would Squadron Energy support be promoted?
  • How would the sponsorship be measured and evaluated for effectiveness?

Community Sponsorship Application


Sponsorship seeker contact details

Sponsorship proposal details

Type of event, activity, initiative, or project that this sponsorship has the strongest alignment with:
Type of sponsorship and details?
Please provide details of the exposure Squadron Energy will receive from this sponsorship

Project activity budget

Income: includes sponsorship amounts and in-kind contributions you are requesting, grants you are to receive, and any other income sources that contribute towards the project.

Expenditure: includes any amount that will be spent to implement the project or activity.

Please attach a separate budget if there are insufficient room above.