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We are getting on with the critical delivery of new renewable generation.

As confirmed in the latest GenCost report from the CSIRO and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), wind and solar remain the cheapest form of new build electricity generation.

Squadron Energy is greening Australia’s energy grid by building 30 per cent of the Federal Government’s 82 per cent 2030 renewable energy target.

As we do this, it’s important to note that we aren’t starting from zero and we aren’t starting today.

We know it will be challenging but we can’t afford not to get on with it.

A wind farm typically takes about five years to develop and many projects across Australia are approaching the tail end of that five-year period.

What we are going to see is a relatively flat build-out of renewables and then a really steep trajectory at the back of the decade, reflecting all that work.

Squadron Energy is committed to delivering renewable generation at speed and scale to provide firmed green energy to commercial and industrial customers.

Our pipeline of wind, solar and storage projects will enable us to provide 90-95% renewable electricity, with our firming projects like Port Kembla Energy Terminal and Dubbo Firming Power Station helping to supply the remaining ~5%.

Our team holds a wealth of experience in the renewable energy sector, accumulated through the successful delivery of projects in Australia since 2007.

We are more than 170 people strong and have teams across more than 14 offices and sites nationally.

Enormous scale and speed are needed to take Australia beyond fossil fuels and meet our climate emission reduction targets.

Squadron Energy has the renewable energy critical mass to provide the solution to end fossil fuel use in Australia and drive down energy prices.

Human-made climate change is real. But we can do something about it.

We need Australia to transition to a zero-carbon economy. Quickly.


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