The Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service in Northern NSW has received a funding injection from Squadron Energy for their Tamworth and Lismore based aircraft.

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Squadron Energy’s support will contribute to the ongoing emergency aeromedical services that support 1.5 million people across Northern NSW.

Squadron Energy’s Executive General Manager Development Ed Mounsey said the team were proud to sponsor an organisation that provided crucial health services for so many communities across the region.

Pictured left to right: Daniel Gillett, Regional Partnerships Officer, Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service; Hamish McLaren, Walcha based woolgrower; Jason Willoughby, CEO, Squadron Energy and Ed Mounsey Executive General Manager Development, Squadron Energy

“We are always looking at ways to provide benefits to regional communities, and this sponsorship allows us to provide support for a vital service that helps millions,” Mr Mounsey said.

“Changing lives is one of our biggest commitments, and I am so proud that we could contribute to an organisation that shares in that.”

Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Acting CEO James Lawrence said the funding from Squadron Energy was a huge contribution to the crucial service for communities across Northern NSW.

“We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors and we want to thank Squadron for their support,” Mr Lawrence said.

“Our service wouldn’t be able to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver aeromedical search, rescue and inter-hospital transfers to care for communities throughout Northern NSW without this kind of support.”

Walcha based woolgrower Hamish McLaren, who has become a huge advocate for the rescue helicopter after losing his arm in a farming accident in the 1990s said this service is critical and has saved many lives since the Tamworth base opened in 2000 and will save many more.

“I believe there’s a huge chance I would still have my arm today, if the Tamworth rescue chopper had been available to me,” Mr McLaren said.

“It took eight hours for me to get to Sydney after my accident and the rescue chopper came from Newcastle. Doctors told me that if I’d made it to Sydney in six hours, it would have saved my arm. It would have been faster coming in a chopper from Tamworth.

“We all know someone who has had a ride in the chopper. This service is ours and no one pays. Please keep supporting this great cause.”

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Squadron Energy is also sponsoring the Service’s Ride for the Chopper event and providing support to the Glenn Innes Volunteer Support Group and the Inverell Volunteer Support Group.

Across Australia, the Westpac Helicopter Service flies more than 2,000 hours annually to assist all people including those injured at work, on the roads, on farms, playing sport, in the ocean and bush or suffering from medical conditions.

Each of Squadron Energy’s projects has a community sponsorship program, which provides funds or in-kind support to community organisations and events in the local project area.

Information on how to apply is available on our online application form.


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