Many of our hosts are farmers, but the benefits extend community-wide.

Written by Squadron Energy |

Hosting a renewable energy project doesn’t just contribute to cleaner energy. It provides an additional income stream for the host, often creating dual income from agricultural land, and it provides further benefits across the local community.

Our Sapphire Wind Farm, located 18km west of Glen Innes, has 75 turbines hosted mostly on farming and grazing land.

Operational since 2018, the wind farm and its site manager David Williamson are well-established in the community.

“In addition to managing the site, I really enjoy the community aspect of my job. I’m regularly in discussions with community groups and event organisers to look at ways we can further support the local community,” Mr Williamson said.

“Sapphire Wind Farm and CWP Renewables recently supported the Guyra Anglers Club GoneFishing Day, which was a huge success and included a focus on removing the feral pest Redfin from Malpas Dam.”

Local farmer and shearer Patrick O’Brien lives nearby to Sapphire Wind Farm and said he’s seen the benefits flow on to the community.

“I am a huge supporter of Sapphire Wind Farm. It has given life and money back to the surrounding communities. It has provided a large number of jobs during the construction phase, giving a huge financial boost to many in our country towns,” he said.

“Sapphire Wind Farm has also provided ongoing financial support to many local community groups, sports groups and community events, also continually supporting many local businesses, services and farmers in the area.

“It’s also providing long-term employment, allowing people to stay in the district and support our rural community. Even my daughter has enjoyed a full-time career in a thriving and interesting industry that she loves and can make a difference in.”


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