Written by Squadron Energy |

Squadron Energy CEO Rob Wheals said: “The 2024 Integrated System Plan (ISP) reaffirms the comprehensive planning and implementation done to date on our transitioning energy system.

“To not continue this journey would waste billions in investment, place our energy security at risk and deny a huge opportunity to share economic development across many regional communities of Australia.

“AEMO’s ISP reinforces the need to roll out renewable energy generation at speed to replace closing coal generation.

“Renewable energy generation already contributes on average 40% of our energy mix and at times we have renewables contributing a peak 72% of our energy needs.

“Why would we suddenly stop when we are already half way into shifting our energy system onto least cost renewables to meet our future needs?

“With mounting closures and increasing outages of ageing coal-fired power plants, now is the time to stay the course. Building out variable renewable energy generation, backed up by batteries and flexible gas, will deliver the lowest-cost new build energy option,” Mr Wheals said.


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