CWP Renewables is recruiting for roles based in Dubbo and Wellington.

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Renewable energy developer and generator, CWP Renewables, is looking to build its Central West workforce with a range of jobs now being advertised, based in Dubbo and Wellington.

Construction on the 414 MW Uungula Wind Farm, to be located 14km east of Wellington, is set to get underway late this year. The project will support 250 jobs during construction and a further 12 during operations, however half a dozen positions are kicking off now.

CWP Renewables Head of People & Culture Kate Sykes said tapping into the regional workforce would be key to the developer’s approach.

“We’re committed to supporting communities by bringing jobs to the regions. The growth in renewable energy projects is a boon for regional employment as many of the roles are based near the projects themselves,” Ms Sykes said.

“We’re keen to hear from people already living and working in the Central West who are open to a transition to renewables. Many people have skills which are transferrable into the renewables industry, particularly from the mining sector.”

CWP Renewables is currently recruiting roles based in Dubbo or Wellington across environment, safety, project management, administration and engineering. Whilst the roles will initially be focused on the delivery of Uungula Wind Farm, long-term development across the region means the roles are ongoing.

CWP Renewables Regional Economic Development Lead Felicity Taylor-Edwards said Dubbo would become something of a hub for the company.

“The Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone has really cemented Dubbo as the place to be going forward. We’re setting up an office in Dubbo and I’m pleased to be the first Dubbo-based team member,” Ms Taylor-Edwards said.

“The focus of my role is driving economic development we can deliver locally so there is a long-standing legacy to our projects. Not only are we delivering renewable energy to the electricity network, but we are creating new economic opportunities for the Central West and beyond.”

Local recruitment company Spinifex has been engaged to recruit for the new local roles. With the work opportunities expected to grow, CWP Renewables has a dedicated email address for people to send in their CVs:

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For those unsure about making the move into renewable energy, CWP Renewables Health and Safety Manager Scott Batey said for him making the transition from mining was smooth as much of his skills and experience was transferrable.

“I’ve transitioned from mining to renewables and have gone from a workplace below the surface to one that’s often at heights but the basics remain the same – everyone has the right to a safe working environment,” Mr Batey said.

"It’s been an exciting change as the industry is growing rapidly, and there’s also the sense that you’re contributing to the greater good, I’d encourage anyone that is considering a move into the renewables space to reach out, as I believe that everyone can contribute their skillset to an evolving industry."

Following on from Uungula Wind Farm, CWP Renewables is also developing Spicers Creek Wind Farm, north-east of Wellington. An environmental impact statement is being prepared for the proposed 700 MW project, which is expected to support up to 435 jobs during construction. At its peak, the Central-West Orana REZ will support around 3,900 construction jobs in the region.

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