Written by Squadron Energy |

Squadron Energy understands that there have been concerns publicly expressed regarding the transport of Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) equipment on Twelve Mile Road at the same time as stock trucks are leaving local farms. There will be no OSOM deliveries until late 2025 at the earliest.

We recently held a transport workshop in Wellington, attended by local Twelve Mile Road residents and farmers. The following approach was developed for OSOM deliveries:

  • When OSOM vehicles arrive, they will be accompanied by several pilot vehicles as far as 5km ahead
  • Pilot vehicles will assess traffic ahead on Twelve Mile Road and will request OSOM to stand- by at the Goolma and Twelve Mile Road intersection if a stock truck is coming
  • If an oncoming truck is not seen in advance, Police and/or escort vehicles will assist the truck and OSOM vehicle to pass each other
  • All neighbours will have a phone number to call in the event of any changes they wish to communicate
  • We will have neighbours’ phone numbers and radio channels for fast communication if needed.

If you have any questions, please email info@uungulawindfarm.com.au or phone 0488 820 191.


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