In celebration of World Environment Day we sat down with Squadron Energy’s Environmental Manager Candice Somerville.

Written by Squadron Energy |

Can you tell us about your background and what led you to pursue a career focused on the environment?

For as far as I can remember I have always been fascinated by nature. All through my childhood, I have watched endless hours of David Attenborough's documentaries, hoping one day I would be lucky enough to do something similar for a living.

After getting my High School Certificate I decided to pursue my passion for nature and started a Bachelor of Biology and Ecology aiming to become an Ethologist - which is the study of animal behaviour.

After an internship at a French natural reserve studying the behaviour of baboons, I realised quickly that finding a job in this domain was going to be tricky, especially living in France! I turned my focus to finding a career where I could make a difference and still fulfil my passion for the environment. This is when I decided to do a Masters’ in Environmental Management.

Following graduation, I decided to follow my other passion – travelling – and landed in Sydney where I have been calling home since 2008. Not long after settling into Australian life I was lucky enough to find a position as Environmental Advisor on a major infrastructure project and I have never looked back.

Can you tell us a bit about your role as Environmental Manager at Squadron Energy?

At Squadron Energy, we are developing, delivering and operating projects that will help Australia transition to a clean energy future and we need to ensure we go through each project's lifecycle with a focus on reducing our environmental footprint and making a positive impact to our communities.

From compliance and regulatory challenges to habitat conservation and brainstorming new environmental initiatives, my role as the Environmental Manager at Squadron Energy is nothing but exciting, challenging and rewarding.


What sustainability or biodiversity initiatives are you proud to be working on at the moment?

From the extensive studies we are undertaking during the design phase to understand bird and bat ecology, to the detailed work that goes into developing adaptative management measures to mitigate our impacts during construction and operation of an asset, I am proud of a lot of the initiatives our teams are working on. Not a day is the same and this is what makes going to work exciting.

Becoming a mum in the last few years has strengthened my perspective on the importance of protecting our environment. When my three young kids ask me what I do for work, I simply tell them that I help protect the environment so that their kids and grandkids are able to enjoy what our beautiful (and only) planet has to offer for years to come.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become an Environmental Manager?

I would encourage anyone aspiring to become an Environmental Manager to take the leap.

There are a lot of different career pathways that can be taken, but I would recommend to start with a degree in environmental science.

This career can also lead to various fields such as environmental consulting, environmental risk and governance, conservation and more.

It is a very rewarding career where you can influence change and contribute to a positive environmental impact.

It comes with its challenges, but I am passionate about protecting our environment and I love problem solving so I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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