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Vegetation clearing and pruning has started along Twelve Mile Road in preparation for the widening and re-sheeting of the road, making it safer for all vehicles.

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All trees are inspected prior to pruning or removal. Squadron Energy has a qualified arborist to provide inspections and advice on tree removal and/or pruning. This includes checking tree hollows for any fauna, which are then relocated. Trees are left for 24 hours after cutting to allow any missed fauna to relocate.

Heritage areas are marked to protect vulnerable tree species and vegetation. Trees are individually tagged for either removal or protection, ensuring protected trees are not cut.

The Uungula Wind Farm team takes a precautionary approach, trimming and removing fewer trees than noted in the Environmental Impact Assessment.

The project team will re-seed the area with native vegetation after the roadworks are completed. Vegetation clearing is done in line with all relevant Commonwealth, State and Local government approvals.

If you have any questions, please email info@uungulawindfarm.com.au or phone 0488 820 191.


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