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Three years after translocating wattle from Crudine Ridge Wind Farm (CRWF), the plants are still healthy in their new habitat.

Squadron Energy’s Environmental Advisor Zeina Jokadar said the plant is on the state-wide Saving Our Species (SoS) program, which is designed to secure threatened plants in the wild.

“The wattle translocation demonstrates our efforts to engage ecologists to minimise and mitigate construction impacts on biodiversity,” Ms Jokadar said.

“During the most recent visit to the translocation site, with the Biodiversity Conservation Division, all plants were healthy and showing new growth.

“It is just one example that shows how Squadron Energy takes our commitment to environmental protection and preservation seriously.”

Squadron Energy engaged Eco Logical Australia to work on the translocation project in 2019 for the listed endangered species Acacia meiantha, moving them from an impact area for the upgrade of Aarons Pass Road (APR) to an area known to provide a suitable habitat.

Through the implementation of the translocation plan Squadron Energy reduced the loss of 59 wattle identified in the CRWF impact area.

In accordance with the Project Approval granted by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), all impacted individuals were moved with the measures adopted in the CRWF Biodiversity Management Plan.

The goal of the translocation was to reduce the number of Acacia meiantha being impacted, to establish a self-sustaining population and to increase knowledge and understanding of the species.

CRWF is located on Wiradjuri Country, 45km south of Mudgee. The wind project became fully operational in 2022, producing enough electricity to power more than 75,000 homes and prevent 266,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

During construction the project created 240 jobs and injected $21 million into the regional economy.


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