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Wellington Cowboys Senior and Junior Rugby League Football Clubs will continue to play competitively, representing their community, thanks to support from Squadron Energy.

Squadron Energy’s CEO Jason Willoughby said he was proud to be supporting local teams that have a rich history and are at the heart of their communities.

“We are committed to supporting organisations like the Cowboys which work to promote and provide a healthy lifestyle for young people in Wellington,” Mr Willoughby said.

“Sharing the benefits of our projects is paramount and we couldn’t think of a better way to benefit the entire community than by supporting clubs that will give their next generation of players a place to fulfill potential.”

Wellington Cowboys Junior Rugby League Club Vice President Jody Blackhall said both clubs are so grateful for support from partners such as Squadron Energy because it meant they could continue to play competitively and represent their community.

“In Wellington, it’s more than rugby league. It gives our families a place to gather and engage while supporting the 6’s to 16’s on Saturday and then League Tag to First Grade on Sunday,” Mrs Blackhall said.

Both committees agreed that without sponsorships like this, Wellington community members would be without a Club to play for and support.

Wellington Cowboys Senior Rugby League Club President Graham Blackhall said the community will continue to look forward to supporting both clubs.

“Many of our families are trying to manage the cost-of-living pressures and this partnership allows us to provide the teams with playing and training gear, equipment and to keep the club thriving,” Mr Blackhall said.

The Wellington Cowboys Rugby League Football Club has been in the NSW Rugby League competition for over 50 years. In 2019, Wellington Cowboys Reserve and First Grade won the Group 11 Premiership in both grades.

Squadron Energy shares the benefits of its projects through a range of opportunities such as community benefits funds, voluntary planning agreements, community sponsorship and grant initiatives.

Each of Squadron’s projects has a community sponsorship program, which provides funds or in-kind support to community organisations and events in the local project area. Information on how to apply is available at the Community Sponsorship Application webpage.


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